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We tell you about the origin of tongue drum

We tell you about the origin of tongue drum
The first videos with these interesting instruments appear within the area of 2005 - 2007, when the famous percussionist Felle Vega presented his musical invention named "Tambiro" - a propane tank with petals cut on the side. But was he the pioneer here? Probably he was inspired by African and South American slit and petal wooden drums - the oldest percussion instruments on the world. What is the role of a tongue drum ? A Steel (steel tongue drum) [...]

A photobook for all friends and family

Although My Social Book may be a good way to showcase your social life during a bound book, it's suitable just for this purpose. Collect all the photographs from your wedding employing a unique hashtag, collate the whole year on social networks, hand-pick the simplest shots for an exquisite photo book, surprise the entire family with beautiful keepsakes that feature their best memories. regardless of the occasion is, we’ve got you covered! Import the content from [...]