High quality percussion instrument perfect for meditation

Do you know the Tongue Drum? This relatively recent instrument is a relatively close cousin to hang and Caisa, two percussions with amazing sonorities that are very popular with amateur musicians as confirmed. They are all part of the family of idiophones that includes such instruments as the steel drum, the glockenspiel, or the balafon. They are distinguished from wind instruments, string, or membrane, in that the sound is produced by the material of the instrument itself, whether wood blades as xylophones, metal in this which concerns vibraphones and other kalimbas, but also of vegetal matter, animal, or mineral. This instrument of unquestionable originality was 1st developed by Dennis Havlena; associate degree yank UN agency had the nice plan to recycle gas cylinders! Cutting and collection the bottoms of 2 bottles with a weld, Dennis Havlena then cut strips on the surface of his singular creation to provide completely different notes. So was born the Tank Drum, that once being optimized and modernized diode to the creation of the noted Tongue Drum.

An intuitive approach to music

The Tongue Drum, with a design and shape reminiscent of a flying saucer, is a percussion instrument for everyone thanks to its intuitive approach to music. Small and big, amateur musicians as confirmed or even simple lovers of soft and soothing sounds for meditation, the Tongue Drum is for you! Like the Hang, you do not have to go through the conservatory or have several years of practice behind you to enjoy the benefits of phonics and the pleasure of traveling by playing small sentences melodious and intoxicating notes. Indeed, within the reach of everyone, the steel tongue drum is a disconcerting ease to take in hand because, unlike many other instruments, it is impossible to make false notes! As such, this "flying saucer musical" is ideal for many activities starting with awakening, initiation and musical development, but also music therapy (active as receptive) and meditation, etc. It is also perfect for creating and decorating compositions in many styles of music.

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