A photobook for all friends and family

Although My Social Book may be a good way to showcase your social life during a bound book, it's suitable just for this purpose. Collect all the photographs from your wedding employing a unique hashtag, collate the whole year on social networks, hand-pick the simplest shots for an exquisite photo book, surprise the entire family with beautiful keepsakes that feature their best memories. regardless of the occasion is, we’ve got you covered!

Import the content from everywhere

While My Social Book is restricted to Facebook and Instagram only, PastBook offers you a spread of platforms and clouds to select the content from. aside from Facebook and Instagram, you'll import photos from Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, directly from your computer or phone library and from many other sources.

Control the content of your photo book

My Social book organizes your Facebook timeline in chronological order. a number of the posts and photos are featured on a separate page, others are tightly squeezed together. The algorithm behind the selection of which posts should be highlighted and which aren't , is unclear; looks like there's almost no chance to regulate the content of your book.

Complete control of content

With PastBook you've got the complete control of the content that appears in your photo book. Resize your photos, change the duvet and background colour of the pages, hide or show captions and dates, rearrange the pictures: your book, your rules. We value some time, that’s why our tool is straightforward and user-friendly. No complicated features that force you to spend hours on customizing your book, yet, many rooms to remain creative and find yourself with a singular keepsake that features you and your precious memories.

No surprises

Unfortunately, you'll preview only a couple of pages of My Social Book before buying it, and therefore the outcome is often a complete surprise. After creating a PastBook, you'll flip through the pages of the interactive photo book that appears exactly just like the one which will be delivered to the doorstep.

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